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Rediscover Your Adventures with LIFEINBOX

Tucked away in boxes and forgotten drawers, your most cherished memories gather dust. Ticket stubs, postcards, photos - each keepsake holds an adventure waiting to be relived. With LIFEINBOX collection boxes, those scattered mementos become a stunning display.


LIFEINBOX is a family-owned business that offers high-quality, long lasting collection boxes designed to bring those good times back to life. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers and making a positive impact in the lives of every single one of you. Join us and elevate your memories.

  • By Annie from Jacksonville, FL

    "I've kept my tickets ever since 2018. Even go out of my way to print out the phone scanned tickets and keep those. And I've kept them in a picture frame until it got full. And found this beauty the other week and absolutely adore it. 10 outta 10 recommend"

  • By Aorilock from Kingwood, TX

    "Finally, a way to showcase all my concert memories. Brilliant!"

  • By Megan from San Diego, CA

    "My husband and I love dropping in tickets from our date nights. It's like a diary of our time together"